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My Mind is about an internal struggle between a teenager and an invading alien virus. This coming of age story explores identity crisis, the search for love, and transformation.

My Mind subverts the rules of Othello, a game from the late 1800's. Instead of trying to beat the opponent, My Mind forces the player to ask, who is the opponent? Who am I? Each story item has a human side (PINK) and an alien side (TEAL). With each story item the player places on the board, she chooses between her human and alien. The end state of the board represents her identity.


Game Designers
Yiwen Dai: Lead Programmer, 2D Art
Atley Loughridge: Writer, Sound Design, Programmer
Katie Pustolski: 3D Art, Programmer
Boer Song: Sound Design

Music by

Special Thanks to
Tracy Fullerton
Andreas Kratky
USC Interactive Media and Games class of 2018

Install instructions

My Mind is played by opening the Unity app and then using the mouse to right click, scroll, left click, and drag.


MyMind.app.zip 71 MB