A downloadable game for Windows

"Davina" uses VR to analyze emotional systems within the context of Davina's relationship with their mother.

The player accompanies Davina in a heightened psychological moment of their life.  By orienting lenses, the player decides how Davina views their mother, and if it's the right time to reach out.

Playthrough video: https://vimeo.com/342621227

Game Design and Lead Programmer: Atley Loughridge
Music Composition and Sound Design: Rickie Lee Kroell
Story: Isobel Shasha
Programmer: Atwood Deng
Voice Actor for Davina: Kyler O'Neal
Voice Actor for Mom: Magalis Martinez
Voice Actor for Grandpa: Nehemiah Westmorelar
Sound Engineer: Longwei Deng
Dancer: Jaq H Dalziel
Special Thanks: Richard Lemarchand, Russell Honor, Yiwen Dai, Jung Ho Sohn, and my family
Developed within: USC Interactive Media and Games and Glitch
Presented By: B4BEL4B
In honor of the struggle for self and love

Install instructions

Use the HTCVive build for Vive and OVR build for Oculus. 


Point the controller and pull the trigger.  
When you see a lens, look out through the lens. 
Turn the lens to look through the dark side as well as the light side. 
Look at the people through both sides of the lens.  

Pull the trigger for the side that you want to "save."

Special features
Travel to the people. 
Step inside the people and look out from within. 
Make sure you're looking through the side you want to save (dark or light) at the exact moment you click "SAVE" -- this determines which ending you get.


Please contact me at @atl3y with feedback/bug reports and I'll fix it asap ty:)


Davina_v5_HTCVive.zip 123 MB
Davina_v9_OVR.zip 147 MB